Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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Once Sally's hand was clean she sat on the bed next to me and casually played with my soft cock. Kirsty just watched as my daughter tried to get me hard again. Nothing was happening and Sally soon got discouraged.

"Ok," he placed his hands firmly on her cheeks, "I know your butt might still be sore from your Monday workout, but right HERE is where you should be feeling it. Now do one rep and concentrate on where I'm touching you."

The next scene on the movie was in the couple's home, the two sets of neighbours turning up and being invited in. The foursome challenged the new couple saying they were spotted watching, but that it was ok. One of the resident couples went through to the dining room via the clear glazed door, and the wife promptly squatted and started sucking her husband's cock. The other resident couple told the newcomers that they loved being watched. The tension could be cut with a knife. Gary and Cheryl were both responding to the movie, Gary with long slow pulls on his cock, and Cheryl with two fingers of one hand thrusting in and out of her pussy, and the fingers of her other hand rubbing at her clit, starting to moan - the only other sound in the room apart from the movie soundtrack. Ian continued. Click! Click! The camera clicks caught Cheryl's attention and when she glanced over towards Ian she saw him gesturing two fingers into his mouth, then pointing at her husband. She grinned wickedly that she understood, and sat up straighter in order to reach over to Gary.

Katy watched him throw for quite a while, and when his ale had emptied, she replaced it with a fresh draught. They exchanged looks and gestures, very little talk, throughout the evening. It was late, and Ron put up his darts, drained his ale, and started for the entrance. He took three steps and turned to look at her once more.

A jolt surged through me – I wasn't entirely sure she had heard and understood the question, but if she had I would have what I wanted. I put the tip of my penis against her vaginal opening and started to slide it in, but again tipped it up so the stroke was external, gliding again up through her sopping wet slit, letting it push her labia open gently until I felt the hard, wet bump of her clitoris at the base of my penis. She shivered and bucked and twisted in frustration and desire, trying to swallow the cock that would torment her until it rendered her open and took her womb. Was it Tom’s cock she so desperately wanted?

My initial thought was pure shock. 'Didn't he recognize me? Doesn't he know who I am? How can't he? I'm only in just about every magazine, I'm on ads on the side of buses in every major city, I've been on television and…'

"Hold still, there's still time left and your still mine." Kyle voice sounded mean now. He turned her around and pushed her bare tits against the window. Gerry couldn't look away as Kyle pushed one hand into the back of her panties massaging her ass, and the other around to squeeze her hard nipples for the audience in the car. "Time left?" she grunted more than asked.

An early morning haze lit the city. Milky blue skylight swam between the skyscrapers above as the car weaved its way toward the outskirts of the city. Wes held Sylvia tightly around the shoulder. The girl's tension slowly ebbed until she was asleep against his neck. With no traffic, they made it to the motel in fifteen minutes.

"Molly now in a show of defiance said, "NO, its to big it wont fit in my mouth."

I'm Brad. I'm an average guy in his thirties married to a wonderful woman, Donna. I love my wife, but ever since we've been together (dating, then marriage), I've had a crush on her kid sister Andrea. It's nothing I thought I would ever do anything about. It's just one of those things guys sometimes think about to make masturbation interesting.

"Give me about forty-five minutes, and I'll call you, if that's okay?"

"Lisa," he croaked. "Lisa Evans -"

Rhiannah felt jaded, and cynical. Birthdays often did that to her, and October was like that anyway - she often felt the need to go for long drives alone, to misbehave, to rebel against something she didn't name, even to herself. "I have to get out of here," she often said in the autumn. Harvest time.

I rolled into him and touched his chest.

"Oh really?" Evan leaned closer to me. "Well... could I interest you in dinner?" I looked at him, hiding my shock. Evan had never shown that he was interested in me. I tilted my head the other direction and noticed Jeff's face. He was staring with this look... not quite hurt but not quite upset but not quite normal... A contented smirk covered my face, and I quickly turned it into a sexy grin.

"Wow, thanks." I could do nothing to stop a big smile from appearing on my face.

We started kissing each other lightly while running our hands all over each others bodies. As we became more aroused our kisses became more intense, licking and gently biting each others lips, sucking each others tongue like it was a small cock. Both of us were breathing heavy and moaning into each others mouth. We began to rub our crotches together and I could feel Krissy's hard cock against mine through our silky panties. We continued kissing deeply as we rubbed against each other, stocking clad legs sliding against each other, hard cocks dancing together.

As Summer's moaned subsided, she looked down at me. "That was great Jean. I'm not sure you could have done it better. And noticed you barely stuck anything inside of me. Most men have this idea that you need to insert something to make a woman happy. You just proved that you don't." Summer sat in an upright position and encouraged me to do the same. "I especially liked how you ran your tongue barely inside my lips. That was one you should remember." Summer leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss, with both of our tongues entwined.

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